Patient Financial Policy

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care and are pleased to discuss our professional fees with you at any time. Your clear understanding of our Financial Policy is important to our professional relationship. The patient or responsible party is responsible for seeing that the entire bill is paid in full.

We will ask to see your insurance card on your first visit and will copy your card for our record. We may ask for this information on a regular basis, at least once a year, in order to ensure that no change in benefits or carrier has occurred. Please notify us if your insurance carrier or policy has changed. 
Billing of insurance is a courtesy we provide for patients.


Your insurance REQUIRES that we collect your designated co-pay at the time of service. Please be prepared to pay the co-pay at each visit.

Deductibles and Co-Insurance:

OrthoKansas will bill your insurance company. Patient Responsibility portions of your bill are to be paid within 90 days. We are not contracted with every insurance plan and we will bill these as a non-assigned claim.


Self-pay accounts shall exist if a patient has no insurance coverage or no evidence of insurance coverage. A payment of $200.00 is required on the day of your appointment before being seen by the health care provider. If you are unable to pay the $200.00 your appointment may be cancelled. You may also contact our Financial Counselor prior to your appointment for any additional questions or concerns at 785-838-7854 or a Business office team member at 785-838-4005

*Please note if you are a patient under the age of 17 a parent or guardian must attend the initial visit. In addition, the parent bringing a minor child to an appointment with OrthoKansas, LLC is considered the responsible party. It is the policy of OrthoKansas that the responsible party for billing purposes will be the individual who is signing the Assignment of Benefits & Financial Agreement on our Patient Registration form. If this form is not signed then the patient will be considered Self Pay and full payment is due prior to seeing the physician.


If your insurance plan requires a referral from your primary care physician it is your responsibility to obtain it prior to your appointment and to have it with you at the time of the appointment. If you do not have your referral, YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO RESCHEDULE.

Accident/Workers Comp Cases:

For any work comp cases, appointments will only be scheduled through the work comp carrier or Occupational Health at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Auto accident cases or other liability cases require the date of injury, claim#, auto/liability insurance company address, phone#, and contact person from the insurance company. Patients shall be financially responsible for medical services related to accident/workers comp if insurance fails to pay in full. We cannot hold a third party responsible for your payment. We will accept liens not to exceed six months from initial treatment.

Returned Check Fees:

Any returned check from the bank for non-payment (insufficient funds) shall result in the patient’s account being assessed a $30.00 fee per check returned.

Insurance for Surgery:

OrthoKansas Business Office will provide you with a surgical cost estimate. This is only an estimate, and is subject to change, and cost may vary accordingly. Although we do pre-certify your surgery, you are ultimately responsible for the bill in its entirety, including denial of claim, deductible, co-insurance, and non-covered charges. Your deductible and co-insurance are due prior to scheduling your surgery.

Non Payment/Outstanding Balances:

NOTE: You can set up payment plans for your outstanding balances. If you have an outstanding balance, we expect you to make payment or payment arrangements before your next scheduled appointment. Non-payment may result in the discharge from the practice. A collection agency may be used to collect on delinquent accounts and any fees associated with that agency will be your responsibility.

You are responsible for any amounts not covered by your insurance, including deductibles, non-covered/non-allowed services. Additionally, not all surgical services are known prior to surgery. If services are not covered by your insurance, you will be financially liable.

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